Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beyonce Announces Fragrance Launch....And Gets Sued!

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

One day after Beyoncé Knowles announced the launch of her new fragrance, announces that Abercrombie & Fitch Co. have filed a lawsuit against Ms. Knowles claiming trademark infringment:
"The teen retailer alleged in a federal complaint filed Tuesday that a scent with that label would infringe on its own Fierce cologne trademark.

But Coty said Wednesday Knowles’ dual personality would not factor into plans for her perfume, which will be sold in department stores globally and launch in the Americas in the spring.

“We can confirm at this time…that the terms Fierce and Sasha Fierce are not being used as names of a Beyoncé fragrance,” a Coty spokeswoman said." (SOURCE:
A&F claims that a "Sasha Fierce" fragrance would cause a "likelihood of confusion" for consumers. I doubt that. Up until now, most consumers didn't know Abercrombie sold a "Fierce" cologne.

But here's something that made me go WTF?
“A&F’s intent is that all garments that leave the store have the Fierce scent attached to them,” the company’s attorneys wrote.
Now, when I buy new clothes, I like for them to be fragrance-free, and I gather I'm not alone which would explain the company's high negagtive double digit comp. sales.

Instead of worrying about its "Fierce" cologne, Abercrombie needs to worry about the fierce charges of  racism and discrimination that have piled up against them over the years, the latest being the allegation that they wouldn't let a Muslim teen girl wear her hijab because it didn't fit their "look policy". And now they're suing one of the most beloved African American stars in the world over a word?

This won't end well.

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